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Product: ArtFormNG



Platform Independent
Platform and ERP independent output management software solution for Windows, Linux, AIX

Output Management

ArtFormNG is an Intelligent Output Management solution that gives you total freedom to design, handle, and distribute your documents. ArtFormNG is the tool that helps you create the exact document output that you need without having to do any ERP modifications. With ArtFormNG you can centralize all your output across applications and platforms in one product, enabling you to make sure that your output always look identical even across multiple output distribution channels.

ArtFormNG will run as a background process so ERP users will not see any changes besides improved output and performance.

Because ArtFormNG works in parallel with your current system, you get total flexibility and control over how to use it. Use it for one, some, or all of your reports depending on your current needs and processes. ArtFormNG is not an all or nothing setup. 

ArtFormNG is a platform-independent version of our ArtForm400 product and can be used on Windows, Linux, AIX, AS400 and any other platform running Java.

Product in Details


ArtFormNG is a platform-independent software that enables you to turn ERP data into laser print, label print, PDF, PDF/A, Email, XML, Checks, HTML, and more. All in one product.

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Design Options

Create any design with the Drag-n-Drop and WYSIWYG graphical designers. Work with barcodes, rotation, images, fonts, suboverlays, conditions, variables, and much more.

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Unicode & Barcodes

ArtFormNG comes with full Unicode supporting Japanese, Arabic, Thai, Cyrilic, Korean and many more languages. Create output using a wide variety of linear, RFID and 2D barcodes.

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PDF & Emailing

Create genuine PDF and PDF/a documents and send advanced emails with ArtFormNG. Create PDF files with dynamic images, metadata, links and much more. Emailing is done with InterForm's own advanced SMTP server.

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Create barcodes, labels, checks or any business document based on your ERP data. ArtFormNG supports a wide variety of outputs, helping you to meet industry-specific requirements in a simple and easy way.

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Split, sort, group and schedule outputs according to conditions. With the Workflow engine you can combine distribution channels and create automated outputs. Print, email, and archive in one simple process.

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ArtFormNG Features

  • Platform independent
  • Graphical Designer - Drag-n-Drop & WYSIWYG
  • Laser, Label print, PDF, PDF/A, Email, HTML, XML, and more
  • No need to reprogram existing applications
  • Manage output from many applications
  • Stabile, flexible, and user-friendly solution
  • Full DBCS / Unicode support
  • Work with barcodes, images, frames, boxes, and more

Customer Statement


Our new Output Management System should be a flexible and future-proof standard solution. In InterForm we have found a solution-oriented partner who understood our demands. The solution saves us a lot of time and money!. Hans-Joachim Rudel, IT manager, Flex Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH 
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NOTE: ArtFormNG is the US brand name for InterFormNG. The two products are exactly the same!

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