Product: Output Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX SSRS- InterForm

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Product: Output Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX SSRS- InterForm

 Reports for Microsoft Dynamics


The best way to manage your customer-facing reports.


Use ArtFormNG to implement your AX projects instead of developing reports in Dynamics AX (SSRS). With ArtFormNG you'll see higher quality documents and faster AX project implementation. And performing faster with a higher quality means you'll save a lot of money.

Other benefits by using ArtFormNG

  • Faster upgrades and implementation of Dynamics AX
  • Freedom to create and change your own reports
  • Multiple output formats in one solution
  • Supports any language and country specific formats
  • Meets suppliers’ and customers’ changing document requirements
  • Preview any document including formatting in Dynamics AX
  • A central tool for all your applications

Dynamics AX connector


With the Dynamics AX connector we have a standard way of connecting ArtFormNG to Dynamics AX.

The connector does not require any programming and automatically converts any changes made in the AX core related to reports.

The connector works for the following AX versions:

  • Dynamics AX 4
  • Dynamics AX 2009
  • Dynamics AX 2012

ArtFormNG for Dynamics AX benefits


Freedom to create and change reports

Alternative to designing RDLC with SSRS, visual studio and BIDS in Microsoft Dynamics

Manage report and document designs on your own. With ArtFormNG you don’t have to pay expensive programmers to apply changes to your output. With the easy to use Drag-n-Drop design tool you are able to create new document templates or change existing templates in no time.

You no longer have to have a programmer or consultant to do all your customization. Document creation is typically many times faster with ArtFormNG compared to the traditional SSRS way (if they can be completed at all).

See more about how you can create and manage documents

Faster upgrades and implementation

By using ArtFormNG for Dynamics AX the implementation and upgrading of business documents will be much faster and cheaper.

Documents are managed in ArtFormNG with all the latest functionality related to Output Management, making the document composing and handling many times quicker.

Because templates are no longer created (programmed) in Dynamics AX the version dependency is gone as well. This means that you now can upgrade e.g. from Dynamics AX 2009 to a 2012 without having to do any changes or development related to your documents or reports managed by ArtFormNG.

In fact, a lot of the updates and edits that you would normally have to make on your reports go away with ArtFormNG, making your overall ERP upgrade much easier and more efficient.

Dynamics AX form package

RDLC Microsoft Dynamics report alternative

We have made a form package of the following 10 standard reports:

Purchase order, Invoice, Credit note, Account statement, Order confirmation, Reminder, Interest note, and Delivery Note with more to come.


See how easy it is to apply your own logo to the form package



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