Product: Create invoices in any XML format on IBM iSeries AS400

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Product: Create invoices in any XML format on IBM iSeries AS400



Send or distribute any XML invoicing format like ZUGFeRD, UBL, SEFAZ etc. via FTP, VANS or Email

Create any XML format natively on the IBM i.

InterXML400 allows you to convert spool files into any structured XML format. Create your own format or import an XML file of the format you wish to generate and use InterXML400 to map the spool data to the right XML tag.

For electronic invoicing, every country has one or sometimes many unique formats, demonstrating the importance of having a tool that can create and manage all these different formats. You will find industry specific formats as well as country-specific public sector formats.

With InterXML400 you can create and manage multiple formats in the same way as you would manage different document types like invoices, credit notes, order confirmations etc.

Managing XML is much cheaper and more time-efficient compared to traditional paper or PDF based processes.
With InterXML400 you are now able to combine printing, PDF, Emailing and XML in the same distribution.

Examples of different XML Format files

ZUGFeRD  -  Germany      OIOXML  -  Denmark
EHF  -  Norway       NF-e  -  Brazil
FatturaPA  -  Italy      UBL XML  -  International
Svefaktura  -  Sweden      Finvoice  -  Finland
OIOUBL  -  Denmark      Facturae 3.2.1  -  Spain
PEPPOL BIS  -  International      SAF-T  -  International

InterXML400 Features

  • Create any XML format
  • ZUGFeRD support
  • Validates content according to the individual standard
  • Advanced data management via XPath
  • Import or create your own XML templates
  • Integrates with ArtForm400 AFC
  • Distribute data via VANS, FTP or email
  • Native IBM i module

Work with known technology

Upload the format description (XML) and use it as a guideline for designing the XML template according to the individual XML standard.


Enrich content and reformat

The spool file will most of the times not contain all of the information that each XML invoice standard requires. For that reason you are able to enrich the spool file via database lookup, do calculations, adding conditional content or reformatting the data structure, giving you all the modification options you need to create your XML output.



Via a built-in validator, you are able to validate the output XML file using XSD or XSL. As part of InterXML400 it is possible to validate the XML generated according to its standard, making sure that only qualified and validated data is sent to the receiver.


ZUGFeRD Support

InterXML400 enables customers to map a spool file to the XML structure of the German ZUGFeRD format, where the formatted XML file is also required to be embedded into a PDF/A file. The receiver can then physically read the PDF file and automatically proces the XML file.

This software is developed for IBM Power Systems under OS IBM i. It can also be used on AS/400, AS400, iSeries, i5, System i and IBM i.

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